30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Yesterday was amazing.
I asked my friends Candy and Tom to be Beans's grandparents.
They said yes.

Candy and I went on a three-mile walk with Beans up to the top of the volcano and then, on the way back down the hill to her house, after talking about the recent ups and downs with my and Brian's parents, I asked her if she and Tom would be willing to be Beans's grandparents, because Beans could use some really awesome close-by family, and we're short in that department.  When Candy said yes, Beans broke into a huge happy smile in her stroller, and we all got goosebumps.  Meant to be.

Brian came over a little later, after Tom showed Beans a bunch of chimes and bells and lights around the house.  We all took turns bouncing and soothing her and showing her various things.  Brian and Tom and Candy had drinks in the kitchen while Beans slept in my arms, and then we went home and I made breakfast for dinner. 

Here is what food looked like yesterday:

2 bananas & 2 tbsp. almond butter (400)
oatmeal with chia seeds and flaxmeal (300)
3.5 oz. pork shoulder, leftover from our Cuban feast (225)
coffee with halfy and a peanut butter cream at farmers' market (150)
1 cup Cuban black beans with sofrito (200)
rice crackers and 1 tbsp. almond butter (200)
scrambled eggs with kale and a tiny bit of cheddar, bacon, sweet potato and scallion hash, and a cup of almond milk (500)
scraped the rest of the almond butter out of the jar, mixed it with a dab of honey and flaxmeal (150)

I still haven't totally kicked sugar.  And I didn't do better today.  Today...

banana & almond butter (200)
frozen slice of zucchini and sweet potato bread, which is amazing, with almond butter (500)
coffee with almond milk (30)
muesli with almond milk (350)
3 pieces of oven-fried tabasco chicken, a green salad with miso-herb sauce, half a red pepper, some cucumber slices, and a quarter cup of hummus (600)
another slice of that crazy bread, with sunbutter (500)
a piece of cold chicken (100)
coconut-curry red lentil and yellow split pea soup with rice (400)
fig newtons (300, ugh)

I'd like to not eat sugar tomorrow.  A lot of my problem the last couple days has to do with not sleeping much.

I did have a great workout this morning.  It was SO hard.  I was dizzy most of the time.

1 mile run to warm up
circuit the following six exercises:
1.  bulgarian split squats:  15 reps each side with 40 lb. dumbbells
2.  weighted burpees:  20 with 15 lb. dumbbells
3.  t-lunges:  15 reps each side with 40 lb. dumbbells
4.  deep butt-kick jump squats:  20 reps, unweighted
5.  side lunges:  10 reps each side with 40 lb. dumbbells
6.  weighted jumping lunges:  20 reps each side, with 15 lb. dumbbells

I managed to get 3 full sets in, and do a fourth set of just the strength moves, skipping pylo for time.

I had intended to do 5 sets.  There was just no way.  But I had only intended to do 10 reps on each side for the strength moves, and with the 40s, I could mostly do more, which was great! 

Important Tips!

Set goals you can reach, and then make a point of reaching them.  If you can exceed them, do that.  I almost never set a goal of 5 sets without making it through those:  I like to finish all of my sets for that extra sense of accomplishment.  Even a small feeling of pride will carry me a long way through the day. 

Also:  remember that cardio is for suckers, and real physique change comes through dietary changes and lifting heavy weights.  Really.  I promise.

And on that note, I really need to start making changes.   I'm going to try to go no sugar starting again tomorrow.  Wish me luck. 

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